Crash Nintendo Switch Unity Integration 1.09.06

libunwind: getEncodedP C:\buildslave\rynda\\build\src\lib\libunwind\src/AddressSpace.hpp:278 - unknown pointer encoding

When using the latest unity integration 1.09.06 for nintendo switch we experience this crash, we can get the game to build if we use a VS solution and the previous version 1.09.05 but this isn’t an option for us as we can’t get a full build of our game through visual studio due to a bug in Clang that uses all of the available RAM on our machines (crazy).

1.09.06 has addressed this issue with building through unity but has now led to this crash that we can’t debug as it doesn’t break in Visual Studio.

Any help would be appreciated.

Shaun Mitchell

What version of Unity and Switch SDK are you using?

Latest switch unity 5.5.0p1 and 1.6.0 Switch SDK

I’m not having any issue building a standard game, VS solution or ROM. Make sure you are using the latest versions of both the FMODStudio Integration and the FMODStudio Switch Integration.
Is there anything else that may help me reproduce this issue?

We are having the same issue. :frowning:


It appears that if an exception is thrown when using 1.09.06 it causes that crash

libunwind: getEncodedP C:\buildslave\rynda\\build\src\lib\libunwind\src/AddressSpace.hpp:278 – unknown pointer encoding

We tested this with a completely blank project except for a line of code that searched for a non existent GameObject in unity to throw an exception.

Doing the same with 1.09.05 does not cause the crash and shows the exception. So something has changed between those versions that is causing exceptions to crash the game.

We have made a fmod dummy library that help us to continue our porting to switch meanwhile FMOD people solve the library problems on nintendo Switch.

Here you can download the dummy package for unity. Don’t forget to remove everything about fmod on your project and be sure to have a copy on your git/svn server

[FMOD Dummy library][1]

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us at so that we can give your account access to the fix.

This fix will be part of the next public release (1.09.07).

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