CRASH: Settings_Initialize

android 7 (SM-G928F)

any ideas if this is valid crash report?
so, lazy init, runtimemng → settings.init

0 +0x6b5b4 tgkill
1 +0x68a4c pthread_kill
2 +0x23f64 raise
3 +0x653588 0x7b90edd58c
4 +0x653ac4 0x7b90eddac8
5 +0x265064 0x7b90aef068
6 +0x265258 0x7b90aef25c
7 +0x126d8c 0x7b909b0d90
8 +0x32ca00 0x7b90bb6a04
9 +0x3322c4 0x7b90bbc2c8
10 +0x32b018 0x7b90bb501c
11 +0x357534 0x7b90be1538
12 +0x3634b8 0x7b90bed4bc
13 +0x359f94 0x7b90be3f98
14 +0x3598c0 0x7b90be38c4
15 +0x359780 0x7b90be3784
16 +0xd6704 0x7b90960708
17 +0x86e664 0x7b910f8668
18 +0x3bc690 0x7b90c46694
19 +0xe73dac Settings_Initialize_m7296A9C0BC681162CF4DBE8CEC2AA49FA0A2590C (FMODUnity.cpp:28980:66)
20 +0xe697d8 Settings_get_Instance_m70FEA773048912312C4EDEBF6D4AC4CF33479E26 (FMODUnity.cpp:28941:3)
21 +0xe6c60c RuntimeManager_Initialize_mB113A12B863730B076C38CD9074083ED47746ECA (FMODUnity.cpp:22866:3)
22 +0xe6ba08 NullCheck(void*) (il2cpp-codegen-il2cpp.h:233:9)
23 +0xe66e00 RuntimeManager_get_StudioSystem_mC87CC95EC33C69E2059874DF09E70E9611C18591 (FMODUnity.cpp:22713:3)
24 +0xe729f4 RuntimeManager_GetBus_mD661704E5CB5D13745F09E55F1105F3B8B0AA991 (FMODUnity.cpp:27363:3)
25 +0x6f1364 MusicManager_InstantiateBuses_mCF68AA9A7BF9E79F39242F40C670E721CF8D59C8 (Outfit7.BlastPark.Controllers2.cpp:72048:73)
26 +0x6f12a0 0x7b7e81b2a4 (Outfit7.BlastPark.Controllers2.cpp:37021:27)
27 +0x114ad8c U3CLoadAllAssetsU3Ed__19_MoveNext_m6D7A8D03EEEBA706E6F3831053D935F2FEA189DC (Outfit7.BlastPark.Controllers4.cpp:21595:4)
28 +0xc98780 ContextCallback_Invoke_mF4F8496213E8F0925947DD8994A477AE2E54EFDF (ClassInlines.h)
29 +0xeb62a4 ExecutionContext_RunInternal_mC5D58D6EDE270B4CDA05181E9064E040D6692B2B (mscorlib5.cpp:22186:4)
30 +0xf2bba8 MoveNextRunner_Run_mF9986F86D538F629861F62DD912B18CC58980D8B (mscorlib15.cpp:36285:4)
31 +0xcc01f4 Action_Invoke_m3FFA5BE3D64F0FF8E1E1CB6F953913FADB5EB89E (ClassInlines.h)
32 +0xea3f1c SendOrPostCallback_Invoke_m352534ED0E61440A793944CC44809F666BBC1461 (ClassInlines.h)
33 +0x137ca7c WorkRequest_Invoke_m1C292B7297918C5F2DBE70971895FE8D5C33AA20 (UnityEngine.CoreModule2.cpp:24322:3)
34 +0x137c9f8 UnitySynchronizationContext_Exec_mC89E49BFB922E69AAE753887480031A142016F81 (UnityEngine.CoreModule2.cpp:16124:3)
35 +0x52da20 RuntimeInvoker_FalseVoid_t700C6383A2A510C2CF4DD86DABD5CA9FF70ADAC5(void ()(), MethodInfo const, void*, void**) (Il2CppInvokerTable.cpp:126204:2)
36 +0x5e8ac4 il2cpp::vm::Runtime::Invoke(MethodInfo const*, void*, void**, Il2CppException**) (Runtime.cpp:568:35)
37 +0x30cc30 0x7b90b96c34
38 +0x31a478 0x7b90ba447c
39 +0x7c706c 0x7b91051070
40 +0x24e5a8 0x7b90ad85ac
41 +0x24e5dc 0x7b90ad85e0
42 +0x24e820 0x7b90ad8824
43 +0x38789c 0x7b90c118a0
44 +0x39c998 0x7b90c2699c
45 base.odex +0x231120c oatexec

If possible, can I get you to provide some more information? Specifically:

  • Your FMOD version
  • Your Unity version
  • A log of the crash with API error logging enabled and logging level set to “Log”
  • Some more context (if any) as to what happened before the crash

Also, is this a stack trace from a user, or one that you’ve produced on your end? If it’s from a user, how frequent is this crash?

unity 2020.3.25
fmod 2.02.04

no logs, release build, low severity for now

Thanks for the additional info - I haven’t been able to find any similar cases, so I can’t offer a solution. That said, if the crashes become more frequent, updating to a more recent version of FMOD may help. Failing that, feel free to get in touch again and we can go from there.