Custom Attenuation Zone Shape for 3D Sound Events

I’m trying to add some looping sfx to objects in a house, like a burning fireplace or a grandfather clock. The house in our Unity project has two levels, and the biggest problem right now is that we can hear the 3d souds through the floor - like the fire burning from downstairs, or the clock ticking from upstairs. It becomes really weird when there’s no visual cue or some kind of attenuation through walls.

What would be the quickest hack to solve this problem?

Or… would you consider some custom attenuation zone for 3d sounds as a future feature someday?


Unfortunately, we do not currently have a simple occlusion system for Unity. I will pass this suggestion on to our developers to look into it further.

However, we do have a Geometry System (FMOD API | Core API Guide - 3D polygon based
) which can be accessed through the Core API. An alternative is using a line cast from the emitter to the listener done so here: Audio Occlusion FMOD w/ Unity not working - #2 by Connor_FMOD which checks for line of sight and manipulates the attenuation values accordingly.

Hope this helps!