DAniel Sykora Projects

Hi, i follow the FMOD Video Channel in youtube, and the Daniel Sukora’s tutorials are very clear. But some parts has not a good explanation, maybe for time, maybe for not reveal secrets about program…

But i think that in this community all people try to share the knowledge.

Would be possible that Daniel Sykora, share his Unity Projects, lik other people in GitHub, to see the modifications that he made in the scripts?

Because He talks about different things in the videos, but then no shows all this things in the scripts, and sometimes is complicate arrive to the same result.

Thanks for your Channel. And David For share his knowledges.


Thanks for watching, there are always many ways to do the same thing, the best thing to do is experiment and find what works best for you.

We are working on providing a wider range of example projects soon, so stay tuned.