The fmod youtube channel

I’m trying to learn about middleware and implementation, i spend the last half year trying to figure out Wwise and recently i decide to try FMOD. I was very suprise with the diference with how the material and support for learning of the two (AudioKinetic and FMOD) was diferent. The AudioKinetic Blog has a entire free course about Wwise, and FMOD, unfortunately, don’t !
FMOD is way more intuitive but the FMOD team seems to have forgotten that they have new people trying to learn the middleware.
The last video in the YouTube is from 3 years ago. All the videos are outdated, none of the scripts work.
If someone of the team read this, please, consider give more attention for the youtube videos, more attention for the “Learn” tab here in the site. These kind of things helps a lot!!

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Thanks, We are working on updating the youtube channel with new suite of tutorials.
The videos are still relevant when it comes to features of FMOD Studio. If you are talking about scripts, do you mean Unity projects? See the page for more up to date unity projects to try.

I recommend for a course, the School of Game Audio FMOD course for a detailed introduction if you need it.