Deactivated FMOD Studio Event Emitter component still plays sound


i have a problem with the Event Emitter in unity. Ive placed it on an object, set Play on Collision Enter 2D and everything works like it should. Now we put together a small intro scene which is overlayed and in the background, the first scene is loaded. The idea now is to deactivate the Event Emmiter components, so the objects dont make any sound during the intro scene, but it does not care. Even though the component is deactivated on the objects, they still emmit the event. Is there any concept of FMOD and Unity im missing here? And if so, how could i manage this problem?


As you have discovered, deactivating the event emitter component does not stop the associated event instance by default.

If you want deactivating a component to cause the associated event instance to stop, you must send it a stop command rather than deactivating the component, or ensure that deactivating the component sends it a stop command.