Where is the sound


I have a question. When play a StudioEventEmitter in Scene1, if you don’t stop the audio and you go to Scene2, the audio continues playing. Where is de audio?? I can’t see it in the hierarchy (like a DontDestroyOnLoad or similar). How can i stop this audio on Scene 2? There are any method for seach de EventEmiter? I can’t found this on de Api description.

Thanks for all!


On the Studio Event Emitter component that continues to play, have you set the “Stop Event” property to anything? From my understanding, StudioEventEmitters tell the FMOD Engine to play a sound and control when that sound stops, if you haven’t set the emitter to stop playing the sound, the engine will continue to play it.

Yes, i know how stop it. But i want to know where is the sound when you dont stop. And how find any sound . Thanks!

The handle to an event emitter is tied to the scene that contains that emitter, and only exists as long as that scene is active. As a result, if you want to manually stop an emitter, you have to do it in the scene that contains that emitter.

Unity does support having multiple scenes active at a time, so it’s generally possible to keep an emitter around while the player’s focus is on a different scene.