Disable FMOD in Unity Server Build

I’d like to disable FMOD entirely on server builds, but can’t seem to do so. Can it be done with a setting or via code?

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What exactly do you mean by “disable FMOD entirely?” Do you want to disable all FMOD audio in your game in favour of Unity’s built-in audio? Do you want to be able to build a version of your game for servers that does not include any FMOD code? Or is your goal something else?

@joseph I’m making a server build, so firstly I don’t want audio to actually play. Also don’t need any banks loaded, and preferably don’t want any overhead from the system being initialized. I understand the integration with Unreal Engine already checks for a server build but, for whatever reason, the Unity plugin doesn’t seem to. What would be the go-to method of doing so? Thanks

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do what you’re asking for. It is possible to run in no sound mode by using callback handler in Unity script, but neither disabling bank loading nor preventing initialization is an option that we currently support.

Do you have any example how to do this?

How to do this one by code?

You’d need to set the FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE to NOSOUND with FMOD::System::setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_NOSOUND).

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