Fmod output type "no Sound" meaning

Hey guys! I’m working on a racing game with a “race the ghost” time trail mode in unity. The Devs have set up a headless server build that runs parallel to the normal one, which means all my fmod code is being called twice. I need to put a stop to this! I have read there is no way to disable FMOD of a server build here: Disable FMOD in Unity Server Build

I was wondering if their solution in the post above of using “no sound mode” would stop events from being called/stealing/using snapshots or if it simply just mutes everything. Thanks!

P.S. other suggestions are welcome pls! If no sound isn’t the solution, I’m a bit stuck.


NOSOUND still performs all mixing but discards the final output, so all FMOD calls will still be made.

There is another Forum post that might have a workaround to the issue here: Dedicated server builds on Unity, and I will note your interest in the task.