Disable Live Update per computer instead of in FMODStudioSettings.asset?

We’ve had team members seeing Live Update warnings in Unity despite them not even having FMOD Studio installed. Only the audio team and I should have Live Update enabled in the settings. Is there a way to set this option per computer, maybe in a file excluded from version control? I’m aware that FMODStudioSettings.asset needs to be in the repository. The user guide says:

Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Resources/FMODStudioSettings.asset stores all of the plugin settings. This file must be shared between all developers, so it should be added to source control.


FMOD 2.02.04
Unity 2020.3.7f1
Windows 10

We currenly don’t have an option for this. I can see why that would be useful though- I can see a few things in the FMOD Settings that would only be useful for a subset of the development team. I have passed this suggestion on to our development team to look into for a future release.
In the meantime, you could hack something in yourself:

// RuntimeManager.cs
FMOD.RESULT Initialize()
    if (currentPlatform.IsLiveUpdateEnabled            // line ~257
        && File.Exists(Application.streamingAssetsPath // Add something like this, along with a file called
           + "/I Care About Live Update"))             // "I Care About Live Update" in your StreamingAssets folder
        studioInitFlags |= FMOD.Studio.INITFLAGS.LIVEUPDATE;
        advancedSettings.profilePort = (ushort)currentPlatform.LiveUpdatePort;

Thanks, we’ll try that.