Live Update in .exe build?

Hello, im new to Fmod and i will just start integrating it into my game project.

Is it possible that the composer debugs the game sounds with live update using builds of the game? Sharing the game project is not a possibility due to the environment required and size of the project.

Which would be the best way to work remotely?


Yes, it’s possible to use Live Update with a built version of your game. In fact, Celeste does exactly this:

You will need to ensure that Studio::System::intialize() uses the FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_LIVEUPDATE flag in the built version of the game. If you are using Unity or Unreal Engine 4, there are settings that can be enabled to initialize with Live Update when building your game. Just be sure to disable it when it comes to publicly deploying the game if you don’t wish for this feature to be enabled.