Built-in parameters don't update above certain distance

When playing event instances at distances above ~200 units, the built-in parameters like distance and direction don’t update accordingly.

What I do:

  1. Start FMOD 3D event instances at positions far away from the player (100-300 units), every x seconds (distant urban ambience sounds). I set the position via eventInstance.Set3dAttributes(unityPosition.To3dAttributes());
  2. the event instance has a spatializer, with distance attenuation off, and built-in direction automation controlling the stereo axis of the spatilizer (with 100% mix of 2D panning)
  3. When the event is instantiated far away (~200 units), the panning is set once at the beginning and then regularly again only when I move the camera close to it (sometimes below 200 units, sometimes 70 units)
  4. Distance override is set to 400 in the spatializer; no master event or bus overriding anything. The event panning has default values.

In the profiler, the built-in parameter values are also only updated as soon as I move the camera closer to the event, or face them from a certain perspective (?).
Changing the event priority to highest didn’t change anything.


Thank you for the detailed explanation.

What version of the FMOD are you using?

The issue with the distance parameter may be that the event has passed its max value, this may be solved by increasing the range that the distance parameter can reach:

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue with the panning. Would it be possible to get an FMOD and Unity project uploaded to your profile that is exhibiting the issue?


thanks for the quick answer!

I use FMOD Studio 2.02.15.

The the built-in distance parameter had already a range that exceeds the mentioned limit. I guess this cannot be the problem then.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the project, as I’m working for a company. But maybe it’s a project related error, the game is an MMO with server communication and I couldn’t use the built-in speed parameter neither (this doesn’t update at all). When I calculate my own parameters (speed, direction, distance), everything works fine.

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I see, thank you for the information.

If you set the logging level to Warning
Are there any errors that you see in the Unity log?


have had the warning level activated already, don’t see any FMOD logs.

The project is technically quite complex, we have some logic going on that activates and deactivates gameObjects (making them static or sth), as it’s meant to be a massive MMO. And some positions of certain entities (or all?) are calculated on a server instance. So maybe this is something project related.

If you don’t know about this bug, then I don’t wanna take further of your time :-). As it’s working with custom parameters, luckily.

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Thank you for the information and for bringing this to our attention. As I can’t reproduce the issue at this time I won’t pass it on to our development team.