FMOD / Unity vs Build Volume


I’m having an issue with average volumes.

So the thing is that I recorded a build gameplay from our game to check overall volume level, because when played after some other reference games I feel like default volume (max) for our game is too quite compared to other games on steam

So I recorded a gameplay from our Beta Build and then I recorded a profiler session in FMOD doing the same playtest but this time from the Unity Editor.

and surprise surprise the Unity Editor gameplay sounds in the average volume levels that it’s supposed to do as FMOD shows when profiling and mixing it. Peaking close to -0.5 dB, average volume -23 dBFS more or less. Consistent on FMOD with a limiter on the master + gain correction and translated into the Unity Editor. All good.

But then, when I recorded the volume from the build, it is WAY quieter. I know this may be related to compression from banks when building but I don’t know any solutions to this. Can someone help me to match the FMOD volume with the Build itself volume for consistency?

Thank you.

Compression settings (default):

Difference in volumes recorded (Unity vs Build):

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my end. If I play a simple, non-spatialized event in a Unity build, using the default compression settings as you have, and connect to the build with live update in order to profile it, I’m unable to observe any meaningful difference in volume between build and editor audio recorded by OBS, and audio recorded by the FMOD Studio profiler.

Are you able to reproduce this behavior with extremely simple FMOD and Unity usage - i.e. a single event from our example project being played using a Studio Event Emitter? Are you able to reproduce it on other platforms - i.e. Windows, if you have access to a Windows machine, or on any of the platforms you have listed in your build platforms? Finally, what versions of FMOD Studio and FMOD for Unity are you using?