Doppler effect with Studio::System::setListenerAttributes attenuationposition

Hi! We’re on FMOD Studio 2.1 and UE4.24, and we’ve started using the newly added attenuationposition parameter, which works great, except for the thing that as far as I can hear (I’m not sure how to profile this), doppler effect is still being calculated from the listener position, not attenuation position. This leads to some really nasty effects, since despite the fact that in real life we cannot have different listener and attenuation positions, we surely expect to hear doppler changing its pitch at the loudest point of the sound.

I believe that doppler effect should be calculated from the attenuation position, or at least we have to be able to choose between the options.

Thanks for reporting this, it should be using the attenuation position when calculating the doppler effect. I have added a task to investigate this.