Events triggered at same position as Attenuation Object envelop the listener

I’m working on a game in 3-quarter top-down view, setting panning relative to the camera and attenuation relative to the player characters.

I’ve got multiple listeners (all on the camera), a main one plus one for each player character. Each of those has their character set to the attenuation object, and for most sounds this works well.

However, the characters themselves emit a number of sounds, all of which play in 2D regardless of my spatialiser settings on the FMOD event (even if I turn off envelopment entirely). I discovered that I could instead use a position above the character’s head for the attenuation object and this works perfectly fine.

Is this the intended behaviour? If panning is set by the listener/s, why does the position of attenuation objects have an effect on envelopment? And why does playing a sound from the exact position of an attenuation object cause envelopment even if envelopment is turned off?

I’m running FMOD 2.02.11 in Unity 2021.3.9f1


Thanks for reaching out - I’ve been able to reproduce the exact behavior you’re describing. It very much seems like an edge case and not expected behavior, but I’ll be checking with the development team and will get back to you soon.

I can confirm that this is a bug, and I’ve passed it along to the development team for further investigation. Unfortunately, I can’t offer a workaround besides what you’ve already found yourself i.e. creating a slight difference in the listener attenuation position and the event instance position.

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