Doppler pitch calculates to character not camera

Hi folks,

Is it possible (in Unreal, 3rd person vehicle shooter) that the doppler feature calculates pitch relative to a set listener (player vehicle), separate to default listener (camera)?

Currently when our player vehicle is under fire with doppler projectiles, the pitch goes crazy if the interactive camera is moved, whereas it would sound natural if its pitch calculated against our player vehicle, which is centred in camera orbit.

From this post it looks like the listener attributes need to be scripted manually - is it possible to code in a new listener just for the doppler pitch calculation (or doppler sfx), without changing general default listening behaviour? Are multiple listeners possible?

PS I’m doing sound design, not code, but keen to know if it’s possible at this stage!

Many thanks


An option may be setting the position of the listener to the vehicle while driving using the Set Audio Listner Override node in a blueprint (Unreal Integration | User Guide - Listener) while still using the rotation of the camera.

Let me know if this helps!