Ducking other playable characters bus when one is possessed


UE4 v: 4.21
FMOD v: 1.10
I’m working on an RPG where the player can posses different characters at any time. While one character is possessed the other are controlled by ai and follow the player character. I’m trying to use snapshots to duck the non possessed characters by setting up up three snapshots that will duck the unpossesed characters when the player takes control. The problem is that when I test in the editor the snapshot stringers instantly as soon as I enter the game. I’m triggering snapshots as events within the player character blueprint by casting to the specific characters. Any help on the matter would be appreciated or any other methods that you can think of.


How are you triggering the snapshots?

via play event 2d blueprint node, but I sorted it now it was just a question of finding the right blueprint and paling upon the custom possession parent function. thanks