Multiple plugins with the same name

I downloaded a project from GitHub to a project which didn’t have FMOD already installed. Then I got these.
All of the errors are like this except the name is different

“Multiple plugins with the same name ‘fmodstudiol’ (found at ‘Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/win/x86/fmodstudioL.dll’ and ‘Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/win/x86_64/fmodstudioL.dll’). That means one or more plugins are set to be compatible with Editor. Only one plugin at the time can be used by Editor.”

And when I choose the .fspro file to Studio Project Path, this error comes:
FMOD: Bank refresh failed: Directory HFW FMOD POJECT/Build/Desktop doesn’t contain any banks.
Build the banks in Studio or check the path in the settings.

Does this happen with a fresh Unity project?

When you navigate to Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/win/x86/ in the Unity project are you able to see how many plugins are in here?

Does the FMOD Studio project (HFW FMOD POJECT) have built banks? Ensure you’re not using a custom build path by checking Edit > Preferences > Build > Build path is blank.