Issues with Reaper Integration

With the default FMOD settings whenver I save my reaper project, it opens a new instance of reaper even if my project is already opens, rerenders the regions, then fmod quits out with a Process Crashed message. If this happens, the project link breaks forever, making the integration pointless, because it forces me to unlink the project and manually place all the files back into timelines/events manually

Video of the issue in action

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue - however, the error message that you’ve received from FMOD Studio stating that the “Process crashed” indicates that instance of Reaper that FMOD Studio creates to sync with your Reaper project has crashed. If you attempt to render the regions of your Reaper project yourself (i.e. via File → Render, without syncing it with FMOD), does Reaper crash? If so, do you receive any error messages? Additionally, when you receive the error message in FMOD Studio, what does the FMOD Studio Console’s “Logging” window say with “Verbose Logging” enabled?

Hi, just to follow up on this,

It’s likely that one of your VST plugins is causing the crash. For a user experiencing a similar issue, Kontakt was causing the crash, but for you it may be a different VST. Either way, I’d recommend bouncing your midi that uses the offending VSTs to audio, then removing/disabling the offending plugins so they’re not involved in the render process, and seeing whether that resolves the issue.