FMOD failed to build bank due to the following error: file not found

Hi all,

I recently ran into some issues when I updated my FMOD Studio from 2.00.07 to 2.00.16 in which I’m unable to build any banks in my project due to the error specified in the title. I see FMOD building the banks to my Unreal project in Windows explorer however no sounds are playing and the banks can’t be found in the content browser.

Validating the FMOD project gives no warnings, the following information is gathered from the console logs:

15:44:54 “FMOD_ERROR (18): File not found.”
15:44:54 "FMOD_ERROR f:\jk\workspace\Build__2.0__Studio_Win\studio\src\Model\Bank.cpp(155): buildBank(this, dataType, absoluteBinaryPath(platform, locale, sBankSuffix(dataType)))"

I’m using Unreal version 4.22.3 with FMOD Studio 2.00.16.

Any help on the issue would be appreciated, I’m afraid I messed something up when I upgraded…

The solution for this is in another post: Failed to build bank "master" due to the following error: File not found problem

I removed the convolution reverb I had in the project which solved the issue.