Event Emitter Script Not Working Properly in Unity's GUI

When I attach an FMOD Studio Event Emitter script to a GameObject, there is no box next to “Event,” and when I click the dropdowns next to “Play Event” and “Stop Event” they don’t do anything. I can see various choices such as “Collision Enter,” but no matter what I select, the dropdown box reverts to “none.”


I have the latest FMOD Studio and Unity integration through the package manager. Running Unity 2020.1.10f1.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

That’s quite strange, do you experience this issue importing FMOD into an empty Unity project?

We don’t, it seems to work fine on a new project.

Actually, in comparing our existing project to a new one, we noticed that there was a folder missing called “Editor default resources.” Copied that into our project, and the problem went away. I guess somehow that folder had gotten moved or deleted. Simply putting it back fixed it, thankfully.

Do you know if it’s possible to move that folder to a different location (so it’s not at the root level in the main “Assets” folder), and point FMOD to where the new folder location is?

I’m glad that helped isolate what the issue was.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to move that directory, it’s one of Unity’s special folders that there can only be one of and must be in that location to work.

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