Unity not allowing event selection

I’m working on a project that’s had several FMOD integration problems. At this point, what we’re left with is Unity working fine and FMOD working fine, they’re communicating and Unity is seeing the FMOD banks. However, when we try to actually create an FMOD event emitter, it doesn’t allow us to select an event; the line in the inspector is just blank, no drop down menu nothing. We’re not sure at this point if it’s an FMOD problem, a Unity problem, or an integration problem.

We had integration issues first, from when we initially threw some sounds in the game and then neglected it for several months while I worked on the sound design. At some point in there, the FMOD tab in the toolbar completely disappeared. We first tried completely deleting the FMOD integration files so we could reinstall them, but the .dll files refused to be deleted, so we couldn’t completely delete the integration and had to work with the integration we had. We ended up updating Unity to the 2019.3.0b5 beta, which restored the FMOD tab, and going back to an earlier version of the FMOD project from when it was working, and this is the issue we were left with.

Here’s a screencap of Unity with the FMOD inspector up; you can see the event emitters don’t have any menu for the event.

If there is no drop down menu it means there are compiler errors, because Unity needs to compile the editor scripts to make the FMOD menu.

You cannot delete the FMOD Windows libraries from inside Unity because they are loaded in the editor. This needs to be done manually outside of Unity.

What version of FMOD for Unity are you using?

Thanks! I don’t know Unity well but I’ll pass the advice about compiler errors onto people who can solve it.

The not-being-able-to-delete problem was an issue outside of Unity entirely; with both Unity and FMOD closed we tried to delete the files from File Explorer (finding them from a search of the whole game folder), but got an error “this file is no longer in this location” and then after clicking “open file location” it was just a blank folder.

I’m using 1.10.16