Event Playable Settings

Hello everybody, if an event is being played, how do I not play the other event? How can I add this control?


Are you trying to stop instances of the event being played, or would you like to stop all other playing events?

if an event is already playing, I don’t want to play another event.
for example, I have death scream sound for character, and if death scream sound event is playing, other character are not supposed to play.


Thanks for elaborating, you could use ChannelControl:stop() (FMOD API | ChannelControl) to stop all events on the master channel by calling

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.GetMasterChannelGroup(out FMOD.Studio.ChannelGroup masterGroup);

Then play the next event. Keep in mind this will stop all other events in the game. If you want to only stop certain events, instead of using the master group find the channel group(s) you wish to stop.

Hope this helps!