Help with the behavior of Events

I have a pair of questions

  1. I need to stop playing Event by starting another Event. How to do it?
  2. Same, but the first Event does not turn off, but reduces the volume to -10dB (for example) and restore the volume after second Event stop (like “logic sidechain compressor”) :slight_smile:
  1. You can add command instruments to your events that can stop other event instances if needed.
  2. For this, I would recommend having the first event’s master track’s volume automated by a global parameter (ie. reduce the master track’s volume by -10dB when the parameter value is at 1). Now in the second event add a command instrument to set the value of the global parameter to 1. If this is a one-shot event (it naturally ends) then you will need to put another command instrument at the end to set the event to set this global parameter back to 0.