Event triggering referenced events but not playing any audio ? (fmod studio bug)

I have a pretty annoying bug and figured out what it was, It happened when I have an event referencing other events, when the timeline enter the refereced event it gets triggered (we can see the inner timeline of the nested event), but no audio is playing inside the “master” event… (also it’s a persistent event with an voice limit to 1)

The way to solve this problem is to open the referenced event directly, press play, the audio play, and then you can stop and return to the master event to press play and have audio inside the master event… but sometimes it don’t work either.

Also when playing the referenced event I sometimes get 1-2s lag before audio play so this hint it’s a file access problem ? (but playing audio in the asset tab work very fast)

I’m working in Fmod Studio 2.02.13

Ok so I did more tests and it seems it’s related to the fact that the event is quitte heavy and take a lot of time to start (sometimes 10s !).
When pressing play and not hearing any audio I have the habit to press spacebar again to stop and replay the event, this might cause the event to stop in a “semi-loaded” state… and when pressing play again the new instance start but the samples are not loaded… no audio will be played at this point.


What version of FMOD are you using?

10s is a very long time for an event to load, would it be possible to get a screenshot of the referenced event that is taking up to 10 seconds to load?

I mean the main event contain like 20+ referenced events of background music of the game, the lag before starting the main event varie between 6-14s but seems unrelated to the current referenced event actually being triggered. I suppose It’s because all the ram data of all events have to be loaded before playing the main event ?

As you can see each referenced event also sometimes contain nested events inside them (and nested nested nested etc…).

Also the project is on a SSD, cpu is a i9-9900K with 32go of ram.


Apologies for missing the Studio version.

Thank you for the video. In Studio, we try to save some resources by waiting till an event is selected to load any data attached to it rather than having everything in memory all the time. Which may lead to the behavior you are experiencing now with this larger event. What I can suggest when selecting these heavier events is giving them some time to load before trying to audition them.

Do you experience this behavior when in the game?

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Understandable, by looking at the windows task manager it showed that when loading this main event fmod memory goes up to 2go so yes it’s quitte a heavy event.

I dont have this problem in game, only inside fmod studio.

However this seems not entierely related to the “non-trigger” bug, I managed this morning to repro with a very simple event containing nested events and even the simple instrument did not play audio… (cf video)
This happened just after using play mode on unity with live update on fmod. I’m wondering if stopping unity or live update might cause the loaded sample to be wiped out without updating their loading state ?

This video show my typical experience with this bug, the event dont trigger sound but opening the nested events does. Randomly opening theses directly sometimes fix the main event.

Would it be possible to get your project uploaded to your profile to test on my side? You will have to register a project with us to be able to upload files.

do you mean uploading the fmod project or the unity project ?

My current project is already registered but by the programmer account, I don’t know if its possible to link it to my account ? I guess a project should no be registered twice


The FMOD project, apologies that wasn’t clear. What is the email your programmer account uses? You are correct, you don’t want to register the project twice.