EventNotFoundException batchmode build TeamCity

Hi. We’re using FMOD Unity Plugin and Studio 20.01.07. We are using Unity 2019.4.20 and TeamCity for CI. If we’re building application from the Editor everything is OK. But when it built with batchmode from TeamCity StreamingAssets and banks are missing.

Solutions we tried:

It sounds like TeamCity must be failing to trigger the build, failing to copy the built banks into the correct location, or otherwise not correctly handling building your FMOD Studio project.

How does TeamCity trigger the building of FMOD Studio banks, and how does it differ from your process when you build the banks manually?

TeamCity is just calling Unity to build project in batchmode by calling static method.

BuildPlayerOptions buildPlayerOptions = new BuildPlayerOptions
            scenes = GetEnabledScenes(),
            locationPathName = GetFilePath(BuildType.Master),
            target = EditorUserBuildSettings.activeBuildTarget,
            options = BuildOptions.CompressWithLz4HC

        //Start Build


[MenuItem("Tools/CI/Build FMOD files", false, 1000)]
    public static void BuildFMODFiles()

RefreshBanks() copies the bank files in your FMOD Studio project’s build directory into your Unity project, but does not actually build new versions of those banks in FMOD Studio. As a result, your BuildFMODFiles() function does not actually build any FMOD files.

Could this explain the issue you’re seeing?