Exception on Android caused by libfmod.so

Our Android app catches unhandled exceptions and asks users if they agree to send those messages to us.
And we just got an e-mail from one of our users.
Please see the attached file.
error_log_java.txt (41.3 KB)

The user was experiencing the same exception over and over again every time they started our app.
You may wonder why the thread name is “UnityMain”.
It’s because we initially made the app as a native Android app using Java and C++ APIs but later integrated them with Unity.
Unity is used for UIs and some 3D animations only, so our app is still directly talking to FMOD Low-Level API in C++.
Both Unity editor and FMOD API are the latest ones.

We have neither experienced nor heard about this exception with any of our apps so far.
Also, this app seemed stable until we got the mail because it was working smoothly on various devices for the past five months.

Unfortunately there is no callstack information so it’s hard to determine the cause. If you are able to reproduce the crash using the logging version of FMOD you should receive better callstack information.

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All other error reporting services like Firebase didn’t catch it at all, and we couldn’t reproduce it either.
Also, we asked the user for additional information but there’s no answer.
Because they were the only user reported the issue, and we thought a system error or corrupted installation might have caused it, we also told them to try restarting the device, removing the app, and reinstalling it again.
So it might fix the problem and that may be the reason they haven’t answered.
Anyway, we will update you if we get more information.
Thanks :slight_smile: