Excluding Certain DLL Files in Unreal Integration's Binaries Folder from Source Control

In the unreal integration documentation, version 2.02 under Source Control 2.16, the image states that I should also include the Binaries folder in source control.

I know there are important files in there, but there are also these files, which get generated every time I build the game in jetbrains rider. It’s the files called UnrealEditor-FMODStudioEditor-XXXX.dll and UnrealEditor-FMODStudioEditor-XXXX.pdb. I already excluded the pdb files, but can the dll files be excluded as well ?

The same problem also occurs for the files:



Yes, it is ok to ignore those files. However, anyone who then opens the UE project without said files will see this error:
They will just need to rebuild and it will be ok.

Hope this helps!


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