Fade In/Out Audio Except for Particualr Event/s

Hi, I’m trying to achieve fading in/out the game’s audio except for particular event/s which I don’t want to fade,
I’ve achieved this effect so far by separating the events into 2 mixer busses, ‘Fadeable’ and ‘Unfadable’ busses, and that worked fine for some time, however that created a problem, some events are fadable in some levels but they are not in other levels.
Also using a snapshot won’t be very efficient as i will have to create a new snapshot for every level,
so i need more generic solution.
Thanks in advance.

What’s the “unfadable” behavior, exactly? Still playing? Abruptly stop?

Every event under the Unfadable bus will be kept playing.

You say: for each level the behavior of each event will be different (fadable or unfadable). Then, you say: snapshots are not generic enough, since you’ll have to create one per level. I don’t understand: if you want a behavior per level, you’ll have to set different instructions per level. Or are you looking for a tool that reads in your mind the behavior the event should follow? :wink:

:joy::joy: You are right, sorry for not explaning correctly, actually the problem isn’t exactly with snapshots, but its with how you divide the events into 2 mixer busses without breaking this event “fadeability” in another level, take for example an ambience audio that will get faded in level 1 when the player dies, but this same event will be kept playing in level 3 when the player dies, the thing is: you can’t change the holding bus for this event at runtime, so you either have to put it under ‘fadable’ or ‘unfadable’ bus then build the banks and thats it.
I’ve searched in the documentations/forums for the ability to change the holding bus of an event at runtime but didn’t find anything helpful.
So what I meant by ‘generic’ is a c# script that hold reference to the events that will not get faded and put them under the ‘unfadeable’ bus so when the fading happens those events won’t get faded, or maybe there is some built-in studio feature that already does that.

In the end if there is no solution to this I would go and fade the volume manually for every event I found the level except for the ones that I don’t want to fade, but hmmm this solution is not that elegent and performant the way you could with fading an entire bus.

Maybe I’ve put myself in a hole and the fix is actually fairly simple idk, sorry for the headache :sweat_smile:.

Yes, bus routing is meant to be permanent, so the solution won’t lie there.
To follow on your idea, you could, instead of routing, do dynamic sends to the bus you want. But I really see no interest to do such a complicated thing for a so simple task :wink:

So you’ve found the optimal way is to fade all events manually?

Why are you specifically talking about fades? If I understand, the point is more about stopping / not stopping an event (the fade being automatically done by the AHDSR release when stopped). Or I am missing something?

No I’m specifically talking about fades, not stopping/not stopping events, because not all my events do use AHDSR, I use AHDSR only on individual events that will get stopped while the player is hearing them, like an electricity generator that got stopped or some sort of waterfall and so on.
But I find using it on hundreds of events just so I fade them when the player dies isn’t a good performant idea.

You know I’ve faced this exact same issue earlier:
I’ve used a snapshot that will enable an EQ filter on the all busses, but then I’ve found that I don’t want the ‘Switch’ event (and the cable car movement event) to be effected by the filter, so I’ve ‘hardcoded’ the events into a new bus called ‘SFX No Low EQ’ which will not get effected by the filter.
This is the same issue here with the fading, and when I countered this same issue a second time a knew maybe there is something wrong I’m doing, or maybe there is a ‘missing ring in the chain’.

btw the ‘fadable’ bus that I’ve talked about in the original post is representing all those busses, except for the ‘UI SFX’ bus which is the ‘unfadable’ bus.