Request: Pause and Resume Event with Fade-in and out

Hi, I am looking for a way to Fade-in and out when I set an event to pause and resume. I really need this feature, because my game need a way to continue to play an event which is scene BGM. We don’t want it always play at start of the event, that’s why we use pause. But this pause/resume cannot have fade in or out…
Or do you have a better way to achieve that An event can continue to play where it stopped before with fade in and out…

In addition, is it possibile to pause or resume a bus with fade in and out? And is it possibile to pause and resume one or more buses by calling an event?

Also, I set bus Max instance to 1 to limit BGM instance, so previous BGM event can stop automatically when new BGM instance is called, but it cannot stop with fade in and out as well…

Thank you very much!


Oh yes, I want that, too!
Maybe add an option to the ADHR that it reacts to pause/unpause or play/stop. So you could add two ADHRs to a Parameter with different timings for Pauses and Play/Stop.


Thanks to both of you for your input, I’ve noted this thread in our internal feature/improvement tracker.

As for workarounds, a common one that is recommended is to create a snapshot that mutes the bus that your event is playing into, applying an AHDSR to the snapshot intensity, and then starting/stopping the snapshot some time before pausing/unpausing the event.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this, and I cannot offer a workaround at present. However, it is a requested feature that we are currently tracking, and I’ll note you as an interested party.

I would also find this incredibly useful!

Noted, thank you!