Feature request: "self compression" in group channel

(Andrew) #1

Hey guys, Everyone knows the side-chine compression to enhance the “side” track(channel). Similarly, we assume a situation that I wanna enhance or emphasize the current voice among the mix and damp the rest just in one channel. So I wanna request a “channel self compression” feature, please take a shot on it, actually it can be useful in many scenarios.
BTW, the “cooldown” feature is pretty cool, and I miss it a long time.

(Patrick Wadsworth) #2

Hi Andrew, thanks for getting in touch. To clarify, are you wanting to use the compressor based on the input signal? You can already do this by unchecking the “Sidechain” button on the effect panel. There’s also a “Link” button which you can use to compress all the channels in union, or each individually (with higher CPU cost). Would this feature cover your use case?

(Andrew) #3

Appreciate your response Patrick. I got the common approach to the compressor. I mean…that’s my situation: I have three sfx route to one group, same type, play unordered and asynchronous but with short delay, so them can play polyphony. There is a sfx_1 being played, and when the sfx_2 is playing, I wanna the sfx_1 is compressed, when the sfx_3 is playing, sfx_1 and sfx_2 are compressed. So I wanna request a “self compression” in the group channel. Maybe there is a workaround…
Hopeful I am clear.

(Patrick Wadsworth) #4

Hi Andrew, as a workaround, would you be able to route sfx_1, sfx_2, and sfx_3 to different buses, and set up compression as you mentioned? Or do you always want the last played sound to compress the sounds before it?

(Andrew) #5

yes, I always want the last played sound to compress the sounds before it. Perhaps the stealing function in the group is a compromise, and I can set the Max instances to “1”, and stealing the"oldest", but it just interrupt the sounds before,it’s too sharp,maybe it could add some sort of fadeout feature. Well, this request should be too subjective, and very appreciated for your help, Patrick.

(Patrick Wadsworth) #6

Hi Andrew, thank you for clarifying. This is a very interesting idea so I’ll put it on our list. We may wait and see if other people ask for a similar feature.

In terms of implementation, perhaps it could be a “Decay” stealing behavior? This could make older events scale down their volume each time a new instance is created, such that they reach zero volume when they are stolen.

(Andrew) #7

Yes, maybe there should be a option that allow the stolen event apply the envelope release attached it.