Files safe to ignore in version control?

This is vaguely related to my other question, but I thought I’d separate them out. I’m planning to move the Studio project for our game engine into the engine’s Mercurial repository, and was wondering what files I could (and/or should) safely ignore in version control. I would guess any .user files should be left out, as well as the .cache directory, but those are shots in the dark. Anybody know more definitively?


Depending on the version of Studio you are using, the .user and the (only if you are using the built in source control integration) and the .cache and .recycle should be ignored in version control. The Profiler folder and Build folder are optional. With our build in source control integration, Profiler folder is ignored and user has the option to choose if they want source control integration for the Build folder. Some studios prefer to not check in the built banks or have some script to move them elsewhere.

With the latest patch release, we have removed the .user and files and those user settings now exists in the preloadCache.cache.1 file located in the .cache folder.

Hope that helps.

Thuan | Programmer

Yes, this is exactly the information I needed. Thank you!

Actually one more question. How about the .restore folder? I’m not sure what it’s there for, but since it’s named similarly to .cache and .recycle my instinct is to ignore that one as well.

EDIT - Also, how about the .fsbcache folder in Builds? I’ll be including the Builds folder for now at least.

The .restore folder and the .fsbcache should be ignore as well. Pretty much anything that starts with a period (e.g. .restore, .cache, .recycle, etc) should be ignore. On Mac OSX these are typically hidden directories and on PC we usually hide these from the users.

Thuan | Programmer