Streaming Asset Banks are deleted but not updated

Unity 5.3.6 - Can’t upgrade this very easily as the game is already released
FMOD Studio 1.10.05

We recently upgraded to 1.10 from 1.08 to get some of the newer features but a handful of people on the team have been having an issue where the banks in the StreamingAssets folder will get deleted by fmod and then not restored.

It’s a little finnicky to reproduce but I’ve managed to reproduce it by deleting the FMODStudioCache.asset file and the Streaming asset banks and then trying to run the game again.

Seemingly once that cache file gets into a bad state it is quite hard to recover. Is there a known good flow to … force update that cache file? “Refresh Banks” from the Unity FMOD menu isn’t enough.

Thanks for reporting this, we are currently looking into it.
Is there anything else you can tell me about the issue at all?
Does it seem to happen randomly?
Is there something usually happening around the same time as this?

For me it’s not random if I do the following steps. For my team members that ran into this I can only suspect that the timestamps received pulling from SVN happened to be out of order and triggered this endless refresh loop.

There’s nothing else going on at this time as far as I can tell. Don’t need to have any fmod projects open/exporting or visual studio locking anything. Just Unity and this sequence.

Repro Steps:

  1. Nothing is opened (Unity Closed), FMOD already imported into project, etc, etc.
  2. Delete FMODStudiocache.asset + meta
  3. Start Unity
  4. Sit inactive, wait maybe 5-10 seconds for the FMOD auto-detection stuff to run.
    • Notice that the bank files in ~/Assets/StreamingAssets/ are gone
  5. Wait a while longer (perhaps another 10-15) seconds
    • Notice that the banks have now been copied over
  6. Run the game (hit play), wait for startup/initialization stuff to run
    • By the time I’ve reached our game’s main menu the bank files no longer exist in streaming assets
    • They don’t come back even if I want a while
  7. Stop the game and wait
    • Nothing happens. The files never come back.
  8. Open the FMOD/Edit Settings menu
    • Edit the Single Platform build path to invalidate it
    • Change it back to the valid path, wait for FMOD to refresh the banks again
    • Now things have stabilized and I no longer get the banks deleting/being restored all the time