FMOD and Sansar

I see that you have included a video of how integrated Sansar and FMOD is. I am a Music Application Developer and have created some Script in Sansar called AlgoRaver. I also have built my own C# interface into the lower level FMOD APIs to perform a similar functions outside of Sansar as a Console App. I just want to state that I think the Sansar Video on your site leaves the wrong impression. You can’t actually use FMOD with Sansar directly. Forget using Live Update or integrating with it like in UE4 or Unity. All you can do in Sansar is load audio files and then through their API play these sounds in Sansar. that maybe underneath the covers use FMOD and GVR You can’t access any underlying FMOD API functionality from their APIs and you can’t author any events or sounds in FMOD Studio and use them in Sansar. The video sure represents that there is a deeper integration, rather than there really is.

The video is targeting developers who use FMOD to show Sansar using FMOD features, and how they can be used in their own game. It is not for Sansar users to be able to use FMOD to mod the Sansar game.
This sort of question is better directed at Linden if you want this sort of thing exposed.

Thanks I do want them exposed I was just hoping to enlist your support for advocating Linden Labs in making FMOD more exposed to the people that are actually making the Game Content (i.e. Creators and not Linden Labs). Linden Labs while developing their own engine do not want appear to be like Unity or Epic in terms of exposing sound features to actual sound designers, but, instead appear to want to market the sound portion of the their product much like you would offer some sound options in a game to game players. It is too bad because there whole marketing mantra is virtual worlds where users create the game assets and not Linden Labs. That may be true for 3D models, but, unfortunately not yet at least for Sound Designers. Thanks for letting me rant, I am just a frustrated sound designer and music app developer looking to enhance the Sansar content and not being able to use the FMOD to it’s fullest potential.

cool, i would suggest starting a thread on the linden forums, this forum is for FMOD related technical questions.