Fmod Android using Unity - Speaker doesn't work on a specific device

Hello, I would appreciate some input on this topic:

we have an application that has WebRTC implemented (and it has worked quite well all the time) including on Android.

But we have one specific testing device (Samsung Galaxy s10) that behaves weirdly.
To be precise, this is what happens:
when you install the app and run it, the mic doesn’t record anything.
If you reboot the phone and launch the app for the first time after it, the mic would work nicely.
But if you restart the app once again - the mic wouldn’t record again.
So basically it works once after you reboot the phone.

I did debug the permissions and they are all fine. As long as Unity.Android.Permissions doesn’t lie to us.


What version of Unity and FMOD integration are you using?

Hi Connor,

We are using almost the latest version if I am not wrong - it’s 2.02.07.

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I think it’s unlikely to matter but I would like to mention this. We are located in Canada in all of our devices that work were purchased in Canada. This one that has issues was purchases abroad (Ukraine). Is it possible that the OS configuration is different and that causes the issue?

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The different origins shouldn’t have an effect but it is interesting.

I was not able to reproduce the issue on my end, is it possible to get a code snippet of how you are retrieving the recording devices?