Mic not recording on Android (getRecordDriverInfo only returns output driver)

I’m experiencing an issue with my Unity game on Android. The idea is that the game will record your microphone’s input. Currently, everything’s working fine on Windows using an external mic. However, I’m unable to get any input from an Android phone’s internal mic.

I’ve already gone ahead and added android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO to the AndroidManifest. The mic permission prompt shows up fine when I start up the game.

Using getRecordDriverInfo(), I printed details of any found input driver. However, I only found 1 audio output driver instead of any input driver:
Input driver 0: Android audio output (ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff), sampleRate=48000, STEREO (2 channels) -- CONNECTED, DEFAULT (connected? True)

And later, we print the same driver for the output too:
Output driver 0: Android audio output (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000), sampleRate=48000, STEREO, 2 channels

Contrast this to this working on a regular Windows machine:
Input driver 0: Microphone (HD Pro Webcam C920) (765b9694-d308-4b69-942b-978e654777e6), sampleRate=16000, STEREO (2 channels) -- CONNECTED, DEFAULT (connected? True)

I’m calling FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.recordStart(m_InputDriverId, m_Sound, true); after the statements above.

I’m not receiving any runtime errors and everything else seems to be initializing successfully. Additionally, I experimented with placing the following line in the initialization stage, but to no effect:

I’m using an LG V35 with Android 10, by the way. I’ve tested on multiple devices.

I’d appreciate if someone could lead me in the right direction. If you need any more information, I’d be happy to provide. Thanks!

[update]: After further testing, I noticed that even after I setOutput to OpenSL, the change doesn’t seem to stick. I called FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.getOutput(out temp); directly after setting the output and received “AAUDIO” instead of “OPENSL”. I placed the getOutput a little ways down the execution line in case it needed time to adjust, but it stuck with “AAUDIO”.

Hi Klavaim,

For the output type switching, currently we do not support switching output type on Android after initialising FMOD, so you will have to ensure that you are calling FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.setOutput before FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.init.

We will investigate the recording issue and get back to you.

Changing the output to OPENSL before initializing FMOD fixed the issue for me. Thanks!

Hi Klavaim,

Good to hear.

We’ve identified the AAudio recording issue and a fix will be in the next version of FMOD.