FMOD Engine and Xbox-GDK, with custom engine

Is there a way to do that currently? I am trying to port my custom engine game to XBox One.
My attempts at using the FMod Engine for Windows build and XBox One XDK 180715 build have failed. I get unresolved externals at link.
If I try to solve those by forcing some input libraries I end up getting “A dependent dll was not found” when running on the devkit, probably because the symbols in question are not available for that WINAPI_FAMILY.

Are you able to get our examples, which come the the API download, to work for XDK?

I wasn’t aware that you had to register to the Xbox Series X access on top of Xbox One in order to be able to access the fmod GDK download. I now have downloaded it but haven’t tried it yet.
Do you know of any issues I should expect as I have GDK 231003 installed and fmod download is listed a GDK 221001 ?

I don’t think there should be any issues, but if you run into any SDK conflicts you can contact and request a build against a specific SDK.

Great, thank you!