Fmod failed to initialize the output device. error initializing output device. (60)

Hello, i’m working on a machine that communicate with a PLC. We also have a computer running with Ubuntu and a screen where we display an interface that we developed with Unity, and we are playing sounds that are played on speakers pluged on the computer.
Sometimes when we start the application we have the error “fmod failed to initialize the output device. error initializing output device. (60)” and no sounds can be played until we restart the application. But i’ve looked into the unity project and we don’t have any dependencies to FMOD, so i was wondering if it was coming from Unity or from Linux/Ubuntu.
Sorry for my english if you have any question you can ask me.
We are using PulseAudio.
Here is a photo of the error, sorry for the bad quality since we can take screenshots on the machine.

You mention you have no dependencies on FMOD, I’m assuming this means you are not using our API or Unity integration?

If this is the case you are likely using the audio engine built into Unity, which happens to be an old version of FMOD. For support related to the build in FMOD inside Unity you would need to contact Unity support as we have no visibility into their implementation.

Thanks for your answer, do you recommend us to switch for your API or Unity Integration instead of the built in audio engine ? If not, we will then contact Unity Support.

I’d recommend switching to our Unity integration and disabling the built in audio, assuming the target hardware is Linux based. If you still have issues, building in development mode should print out more details about what’s going wrong.

Thanks a lot for your help, we will switch to Unity integration then. Have a good day.