Fmod and Game Maker

I have simple question. Does Fmod support for Game Maker?

// André

fmod doesnt support GMS but GMS can support FMOD. Have you tried ?

I have not tried that. I gonna give it a try, thank you!

Hi @brett, I have been looking at that GMS integration off and on over the past week. The integration looks very light-weight and may not even support bank files. There is no documentation, but the source is available. I am heavily considering updating it/documenting it myself, but I am not sure where to start. I have two questions:

  • Does anyone have an example of using fmodgms in a GMS2 game? The provided example project is hilariously bare-bones to the point that none of the FMOD features are showcased almost at all. (I am looking for the ability to load a bank file, play sounds by name, and execute parameter changes on those sounds).

  • If I look into extending/documenting fmodgms, where is documentation around working with the C++ fmod integration code?

EDIT: Oh, I found it. It is inside of the FMOD Studio dropdown on the downloads page. That took me a bit. I also found the embeded html help folders inside of it. I will give this all a good look. It looks a little too dense for me to try improving in the week leading up to Ludum Dare 44.

I do want to point out to any future readers that FMODGMS does not support bank files in any form. All it is doing is giving Game Maker Studio users an API to directly interact with the FMOD engine via GML. So… you can load sounds into the FMOD engine and play them inside Game Maker Studio. You can also call explicit methods to alter parts of the audio like its pitch, volume, and playback position, but it does not take advantage of FMOD Studio at all. That is a huge disappointment for me. The Unity FMOD Studio integration is what makes me absolutely love Firelight Technologies. It is what made me love game audio. Seriously guys… your tool is freaking amazing.

Yo, did you get something up and running from this? Really want to use fmod studios toolset with GMS2

No, sorry!