FMOD integration 2.00.08 and 2.01.00 failed to work after building android game on UE 4.24

when open the game on android device it crashed immediately and closed …

the game works fine in the engine editor , build and package done successfully …

i noticed from the log file that the build command didn’t start if the FMOD plugins enabled. so the game would not work in the device …

**i did all the steps required for android development

so any help would be of great benefits .

Thanks for reporting this, we have had this reported before but were unable to reproduce the crash ourselves.
If you are able to provide some more information that would be greatly appreciated:

  • What operating system are you building from?
  • What device and android version was used for testing?
  • Does this occur only on one device?
  • Can you reproduce this easily?
  • Are you able to reproduce this in an empty/new project?

thanks for replying

  • i use windows 10 to build
  • i test the game on samsung galaxy s7 android version 8 api 25, samsung galaxy s10 android version 10 api 30, samsung galaxy s8 android version 8 api 28…
    and all of them failed to work
  • no on multiple devices
  • newly i do build c++ project and when i package the game i notice that the build command started on log file but finally ends with same results and the game crashed on the device

Are you able to supply build logs at all?
You can email them ( or upload it to (

this my project log file

‫في الأربعاء، 29 أبريل 2020 في 9:12 ص تمت كتابة ما يلي بواسطة ‪cameron-fmod via FMOD Forums‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

mobile.log (245 KB)

Thanks for that, we are looking into this at the moment.

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Thanks for your patience.
The fix for this will go out in the next release (which should not be too far away).