General source control woes


I realize that this is definitely out of the scope of fmod specifically, but I am hoping that someone can help…

I love fmod and really want to use it, but am finding source control (in general) to be incredibly intimidating. Consider my team: not very experienced, and incredibly spoiled by the dead-easy simplicity of Unity Collaborate.

The perforce integration seems easy enough on the fmod side of things, but the server set up and such seems very technical, not to mention that my computer is off a lot of the time (wouldn’t suffice for a server).

Really sorry for the off-topic rambling, but if anyone has any suggestions on where to go from here I would be very grateful. A few things I can think of are paying someone to set it up, finding a hosting service (no real luck so far), or somehow hacking Unity Collaborate to work with Fmod.

Thank you all so much, truly!


To clarify and update, I have after a few weeks been unable to come to terms with using Perforce. Perhaps I don’t even need integrated Fmod source control, and can just chuck the whole project file into a repository and go from there?

I really just need a dead-simple, hosted source control option, or I will have to forfeit using Fmod in my team’s project. This is a sad and distressing situation, but it is the unfortunate reality. Really hoping that someone can steer me ashore here.



Unfortunately, we don’t have an out-of-the-box solution for you. To be honest, I’m not sure that there can be a solution that would fit your stated needs.

Source control is an inherently complex problem. The only to make it simpler is to strictly limit what your source control solution can do. Unity Collaborate is so simple and easy to use in part because it can’t do anything complicated - and as a result, it can’t handle situations where a more complex source control solution is necessary.

An FMOD Studio project folder is a perfect example of a complex source control problem: It contains numerous files and folders that reference each other in complex ways, some of which need to be synchronized with or excluded from the repository on a case-by-case basis. It’s impossible to handle multiple users collaborating on such a project without a source control solution that’s sufficiently complex and powerful to do so.

So, you need a powerful source control solution - but your team isn’t comfortable using a powerful source control solution. I honestly don’t know if there’s a way to resolve this paradox without changing your requirements.

Hi Joseph,

I did indeed change my requirements as you suggested. Now, only the one individual designing the sounds has access to the project, and he just builds the banks into Unity. While not ideal, this keeps everything nice and clean, and removes the need for shared source control.