FMOD linux symlinks

We’re making a linux build of our game, on a windows machine. Everything works great, except that the fmod .so files that are provided have symlinks. Like, with two symlink aliases called and

This works fine if I recreate it on linux, but this is difficult to work with with VCS and a windows build machine.

It works if I just have copies of the libraries instead of symlinks. And it wont work unless i have BOTH the .so and .so.13 files at minimum. I’m using the provided fmod.cs file that has public const string dll = "fmod" at the top.

Ideally we’d just have something like and and be able to prevent fmod from search for .so.13 or .so.13.13 files. I’m not even sure where it’s getting the extra .13 for the path, is it inside the libs? (the dllimport has no .13, i mean)


The second 13 represents the minor version of the engine.

Could you confirm what you are using to build Linux on Windows?