FMOD - Mac M1 with a PC UE5.2 Project using Github

Hi all,
I’ve done a search of the Forum and not sure if I can find exactly what I am looking for.

UE5.2 project on Windows
Github as source control
FMOD studio with the new update
Audio being Implemented on PC but curious about also implementing on Mac M1 simultaneously?

The game is being developed on Windows UE5.2 and we’re hooking FMOD up to the engine very soon. I am curious if we host the PC based FMOD files through Github and download them on the Mac M1 if this will work if we Build (F7) from the FMOD project on the Mac?
We’re not planning to open the Ue5.2 project on the Mac - just FMOD.
Are there any constraints I should be aware of and things I might need to change or will it just work?

Many thanks - and apologies if this has been asked before and I couldn’t find the right thread.

That should not be an issue at all, you can use the built FMOD Studio Banks from Mac on Windows (and vice versa). You can have team members collaborating from Windows, Mac and Linux in FMOD Studio.

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Thank you so much Cameron!
This is fantastic information and will speed up production for us!
Many thanks,