FMOD Opus support?

Hey there friendly neighborhood FMOD experts,

I was wondering if there have been any updates on support for Opus in FMOD Studio. The most recent post I could find was back from 2020, and since we’re just 2 months away from 2023 I figured I’d check in. The Switch’s hardware supports Opus and since the Switch is notoriously not-as-great with CPU handling, this would be a major win for Switch devs using FMOD.



Yes it is possible to encode to Opus for Switch, the option currently isn’t listed as an option for the default Switch, I shall make a task to add it. An explanation and how to find these settings are under FMOD Studio | Getting Events Into Your Game.

To do so you’ll want to make a Custom Platform in your Build preferences, found under Edit -> Preferences -> Build. Add a new platform and choose the Custom option. Name it something like ‘Switch Opus’ and rename its Output sub-directory as well to match its name. You will now have the option to encode to Opus from the dropdown.

Now set your platform to your new custom class e.g. ‘Switch Opus’

And rebuild your banks. Now you have Opus banks to use on a switch.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much, Connor! This is exactly what we needed.

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