FMOD parameter in Unity editor different from build

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using an FMOD bank for music in my Unity game (Unity 2017.4.14). I have an overall music volume parameter which goes from 0 to 100%. The initial value for this used to be 80%, but I recently changed it to 70% because the music was a bit too loud. The update works fine in the Unity editor. However, when I export the game to a standalone build, the initial value is at 80% again, and refuses to use the new value.

How can I make sure the value from my FMOD project and Unity editor also apply to a build? And why is there a difference anyway? I’m using FMOD Studio 1.10.08.

Many thanks!

You should consider updating to 2.0 as 1.10 is no longer supported; this is likely a bug that was fixed post FMOD 2.0.
It sounds like the old banks are still in the streaming assets folder, and those are the banks being copied across at build time. What is the last modified time for the banks in your streaming assets folder? Can you try deleting the banks from streaming assets folder / copying across your new banks and see if that leads to a better result?

Thanks for your suggestions!
I’ve tried updating to 2.0 but unfortunately get some build errors in Unity 2017. I may have to look into the update later on.
I’ve also removed and replaced the master bank from streaming assets, but that hasn’t made a difference.

Unity 2017.4 is compatible with FMOD 2.0, there are a couple of manual update steps which you can find in the Upgrading from 1.10 section of the docs.
Just to verify whether this is actually an issue with old banks being copied across, can you please try manually dragging your freshly built banks into the “StreamingAssets” directory of your built game and see if that now has the updated value?