Profiler not recording anomalous event from Unity

Heya peeps,

I’ve had a problem for a while with some events that have a 3D object spacializer effect on it, that will play as if it has no distance parameter and no Distance attenuation settings.

The odd part is that the correct versions of the event play simultaneously when you approach the object in the game as expected. Even stranger, when running profiler to work out what is happening, it runs as if there is no problem and the playback doesn’t contain the anomalous sounds.

Plz HAlp/

Here is a video if it HalpZ

How are you creating/playing the Waterfall sound?
The first thing that comes to mind is that the one we can hear, is being played through a separate FMOD System. This would explain why it isn’t showing up in the Studio Profiler.

Do you notice anything suspicious in the fmod.log file?

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