FMOD project recovery?

I recently made a backup of my Mac because I was forced to upgrade to Catalina to continue working on an iOS game because upgrading my phone requires I run the version of Xcode that requires Catalina.

I cloned my project from bitbucket, but I can’t find the FMOD project anywhere in my backup.

2 questions…

  1. Is there a way to reverse engineer the project from the unity files?
  2. Is there a best practice so that in the future the FMOD is part of the version control and therefore is in the clone (best project placement) because I thought I read somewhere not to put it in the assets folder.

Assuming that the only files from your FMOD Studio project in your unity files the built banks, there is no way to “un-build” them to get your project back.

Built banks are not simply compressed archives; they are built in a format designed to be used by a game’s code, and the process is not designed to be reversible. This is intentional: If it was possible to reverse the bank building process, unscrupulous players could use it to obtain your source assets in violation of relevant licensing requirements.

Putting your FMOD Studio project inside your Unity project’s assets folder is indeed inadvisable, but that doesn’t prevent you from making it part of your source control. We recommend using one of FMOD Studio’s built-in source control integrations for every project you make.