Fmod+ Resonance Audio(plug in) + Unity have some trouble

We are making a VR game
Some of the events are made using traditional FMOD
Another part of the event uses the Resonance Audio plugin.

Occasionally in the game, the sound made with Resonance Audio can’t be heard (the sound is extremely low) and the dsp cpu will become very high.

I don’t know how to reproduce

Game log without any error

How can I track and solve this problem?

Seeking an idea

I would record a profiling session, in FMOD Studio, of the game until it reproduces the issue. The captured data should give you more insight into what is causing any CPU spikes.

When it appeared
I recorded this session

If you would like to upload the capture to your FMOD account,, we can take a look at it.

sorry I cant see the upload page…

You should now have access to the Uploads tab.


Sorry for all the back and forward, but can I get you to package the profiler session using Studio, it requires project information for us to view it (and include the banks if possible):

OK I packed It and Upload

Thanks very much for that, unfortunately nothing in the profiler capture really stands out as a cause.

At this point we will require a repro to test and debug here. If you can get this to occur in a basic/empty project then that would be ideal for debugging.