Steam Audio/FMOD Reverb Tail gets Cut Off

I’m using the Steam Audio integration with Unity/FMOD, and almost all features like Occlusion, Physics-Based Attenuation and Direct Binaural seem to work as intended. However Reverb/Indirect features seem to only partially work. When I play a sound using the FMOD Event Emitter in Unity I can hear the Reverb being applied to the sound, but as soon as the direct audio ends, the Reverb ends with it. This seem to be similar to what happened in this topic: Fmod Convolution Reverb cutting off tail - FMOD Studio - FMOD Forums

I can clearly see that when the Channel gets dismissed the Reverb disappears as well, which it shouldn’t do especially in a larger indoor scene.

So I’m wondering if you really fixed this issue 4 years ago?


While similar, the issue you have with Steam Audio is not the same as the linked issues.

The problem you are seeing is a poorly implemented FMOD plugin, looking at the source code for the FMOD wrapper found on GitHub I can see the process callback is not informing FMOD how long to remain active when all inputs to the effect have gone idle.

Your best bet would be to log a bug with Valve or create an issue on their GitHub explaining your usage so they can fix the bug.