Preview in FMOD Studio: Sample reverb cuts off, Stream reverb continues playing

From my event, I have a send to a dedicated bus for reverb. I noticed different behaviour with playback depending on whether the audio source is a sample or a stream.

When I play an event containing a stream and then click stop, the reverb continues playing. This is nice because it allows me to listen closely to the reverb and fine-tune the setup.
However, when I play a different event containing a sample, this doesn’t work: When clicking stop, the reverb stops too.

Is there a way to listen to the whole reverb without it being cut off when using a sample?

I’m afraid i haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior. When I test, whether an event’s assets are streaming or not has no impact on how reverb tails play out.

What is the level of the sends in events containing a non-streaming asset?

Thanks for your response. I experimented some more and suddenly, after a restart of FMOD Studio, everything seems to be working fine. I will post again, should I be able to reproduce the problem again.